About Us



What does it mean to be a RaveQueen? And is it gender specific? Well RaveQueen can be interpreted differently by each person, but there is definitely a RaveQueen in all of us (So not gender-specific). A RaveQueen is fierce, strong willed, and yet extremely fun. A RaveQueen can handle him/her self in any situation and will still continue to rave on. A RaveQueen embraces the darkness with the light. There are black thoughts swirling around in pink clouds! And a RaveQueen will ALWAYS stand back up.


RaveQueen Fashion

I remember when I used to walk into a show and people would ask me where I got my outfits... I never really had a response because I always put them together myself. Well, now I have a response. All of my outfits can be ordered and/or custom-ordered from my website. Life should be lived like a festival, and the fashionista in all of us should constantly be alive. Whether what you want to wear is a one of a kind, or pieced together through our selections, we are here to make you feel uniquely special.


Our Ambassadors on Social Media

There are RaveQueens all across the US, and definitely at all of our major music festivals. We take great pride in our online brand ambassadors, and we always try to feature them on our page as much as we can.